Overstayer Stereo FET Compressor

The Overstayer Stereo Compressor is a dual channel solid state FET compressor with a single set of controls. It features a wide range of timing control as well as integrated sidechain filtering and parallel processing. Strap it across a stereo (or mono) source, turn the drive and blend to taste.





  • Classic FET compression.
  • TINT controls excessive brightness during large amounts of gain reduction.
  • DIRT switch for adding harmonic distortion.
  • Compression detector is high pass filtered for bass response, bypassed with the GRAB switch.
  • BLEND control for parallel processing.
  • Wide range of ATTACK and RELEASE in conjunction with A/Rx10 switch (when switch is in control range is extended 10 fold and release is slowed).
  • Multiple stage auto release.
  • L/R LINK switch allows both detectors to operate linked or independently
  • Hardware bypass.
  • Balanced XLR inputs and outputs.

No longer in production, contact us for more information.